Floraflex Universal Round FloraCap 7.5″- 12″

by FloraFlex
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FloraFlex® Universal 7.5"-12" Round FloraCap® is a revolutionary tool for top feeding that also helps eliminate algae. The Round FloraCap® is designed to give you an even distribution of water, increased airflow. The Round FloraCap can be filled with water by hand watering or automate your watering system by attaching FloraFlex FloraClips to your FloraCap and use the FloraFlex FloraTubing to connect your plants to your FloraFlex Quik Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. FloraCaps cover the medium eliminating algae building up, allowing for a perfect even watering of your root zone. This allows for the root mass to dry at a more consistent rate delivering the necessary amount of oxygen needed for your plant to thrive. Healthy, strong roots fill the medium and blossoms multiply.


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