Grow Mediums


Growing media are materials that support the development of plants. A growing medium acts as a placeholder for the plant's roots, where gas and nutrient exchanges occur. Growing media can come in both liquid and solid form. Different types of growing media are used to cultivate various plants. Growing media is often created out of a mixture of raw materials to achieve an optimal balance of air and water holding the capacity for the plants to grow in. This optimal balance ensures that the media retains moisture for the plants

Different Components and Brands to Choose From

At Grow Guru, we supply a wide range of high-quality substrates used to grow plants. The hydroponic grow mediums that we provide include; Perlite, Vermiculite, Coco Peat (also referred to as Coco Coir or Palm Peat). Rock-wool and Expanded Clay Pebbles (also known as hydro balls, Leca and Hydroton). Different substrates will be used for different types of hydroponic systems and plants

We have a wide variety of brands to choose from namely; Gold Label, Cultilene, Gordan, Floraflex and of course, the Grow Guru brand. We sell mediums suitable for all growing, including organic soil-based mediums such as Freedom Farms.

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GrowGuru Grow Medium 5L Expanded Clay Pebbles
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Expanded Clay Pebbles


Expanded Clay Pebbles – aka LECA or Hydroton. Expanded Clay Pebbles is a light weight, inert, clay aggregate. It is an organic, sustainable materia...

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from R 60.00