Indoor Grow Tent Starter Kit - Large

R 13,450.00

Indoor Grow Tent Starter Kit - Large

R 13,450.00
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Product description

The perfect package deal for anyone who wants to still reap the rewards of gardening but where a garden/space isn’t available. Gardening in a grow tent offers several unique advantages to outdoor gardening- there’s fewer pests, requires less space, not as messy, they give you more control over the climate and will have a huge positive impact on your overall yields.

  • 1 x Ninja Grow Tent 240 x 120 x 200cm
  • 2 x Birdwing Reflectors
  • 2 x 600W Digital Ballasts
  • 2 x 600W HPS Lamps
  • 2 x Rope Ratchet Grow Light Hangers
  • 2 x 6″ In Line Duct Fan
  • 10m Plain Ducting 150mm
  • 1 x Carbon Filter Air Scrubber
  • 1 x Analogue Timer
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