AutoPot AQUAbox Spyder

by Autopot
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AutoPot's AQUAbox Spyder offers a revolutionary self watering solution for grow-your-own enthusiasts. No mains water supply, pumps or timers are required. Simply connect to an existing water barrel to automatically water a 1.2sq/m area.

The AQUAbox Spyder is positioned directly into the ground, making it ideal for watering conventional beds or the increasingly popular raised beds. A series of capillary wicks fan out from the Aqua Box distributing water under the soil. With the AquaValve at it's core, the AQUAbox draws on the water supply (water barrel or tank) as required by the plants, ensuring a fantastically efficient use of water. The plants roots instinctively head towards the water source, attaching themselves to the capillary wicks below the soil level. The capillary wicks should be changed every growing season.

  • Extension kits are available to allow connection of multiple units to a single water barrel.
  • The 19.5cm diameter Aqua Box Spyder is supplied with 2 metres of 6mm pipe and a reducing connector with integral filter, allowing simple connection to a water barrel tap via a section of standard garden hosepipe (not supplied).
  • A spirit level in the lid of the Aqua Box Spyder ensures that the AQUAbox is level once positioned in the ground