Acoustic Ducting

by GrowGuru
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Acoustic Ducting is ideal for reducing the noise produced by In Line Duct Fans in grow rooms, homes and commercial areas. One of the many benefits that Acoustic Ducting provides is it stays cooler which means you can maintain cooler temperatures in your grow environment.

It is super easy to install and is sold in 10 meter lengths.

  • Sizes: 102mm, 152mm, 203mm, 254mm and 305mm
  • Temperature Range: -30 C to +1400 C
  • Air Velocity: Max 250 mm 25 m/sec
  • Working Pressure: Max 250 mm DG Min (D/30 – 25) x 9.81 Pa
  • Fire Rating: SABS 0177 Part 3 Class 1


Here's a video demonstrating what a massive difference Acoustic Ducting can make to your grow: