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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Ammonium Sulphate

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weight: Ammonium Sulphate 2kg
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An outstanding salt-based fertilizer called ammonium sulphate is ideal for farmers and gardeners who want to improve the growth and well-being of their plants. With a 21% nitrogen content, it is a superior source of nitrogen and aids in the growth of plants, which is vital.

This fertilizer works by releasing ammonium ions that generate a little quantity of acid, reducing the pH balance of the soil, and is especially effective in alkaline soils. Ammonium Sulphate also has a 24% sulfur content, which contributes to the soil's pH being lowered.

It is significant to remember that the pH of the soil has a significant impact on how effective ammonium sulphate is. In order to ensure that the pH of your soil is below 7 before adding fertilizer, it is advised that you have it tested.

Making sure that ammonia loss is kept to a minimum when using ammonium sulphate is essential. This can be accomplished by applying the fertilizer on a day that is cooler and windy minimally. Before applying the fertilizer, moisten the soil and sprinkle it evenly across the root zone of the plants. This aids in mixing the fertilizer in so that more ammonia can be trapped in the soil before it turns into a gas.

Overall, ammonium sulphate is a powerful and adaptable fertilizer that can assist you in growing plants that are healthy and lush. It is a necessary fertilizer for all growing plants, especially evergreens, due to its high nitrogen and sulfur content and capacity to lower pH levels. Ammonium sulphate is an essential fertilizer for all growers, whether they be farmers, gardeners, or horticulturists.

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