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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Aqua Master P110 combo pen pH EC Temp

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For testing the pH, EC, and temperature of liquid plant nourishment, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and ponds, the Aqua Master P110 Combination Pen pH EC Temp is the best option. This upgraded Combo Pen P110 Pro has a sleek, durable body and new software that guarantees correct measurements are read more quickly. Also, switching between parameters is made simple by its user-friendly buttons.

When the Combo Pen P110 Pro is shipped, it is already calibrated and equipped with batteries, making it ready to use right away. With a range of 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) for temperature, 0.1 to 14.0 pH for pH, and 0.0 to 19.9 mS/cm for EC, this meter provides accurate readings for a variety of applications. Its resolution for temperature is 0.1 oC (1.0 oF), 0.1 mS/cm for EC, and 0.1 pH for pH.

A replacement electrode that can be quickly changed out if it gets worn out or damaged is built into the meter. Simply take off the protective cover, carefully wash the electrode with distilled water, and dry it off to use the meter. Finally, immerse the meter upright into the solution up to the edge and turn it on/off by pressing the on/off button. The right value should appear on the display after a brief period of gentle stirring.

The C/F button makes it simple to change the unit of measurement between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the MODE button makes it possible to switch between pH and EC. To stop using the meter, rinse the electrode with water after usage and press the on/off button. There is no need to store our electrodes in liquid because they are made for dry storage.

Three 1.5 Volt AG-13 button cell batteries, one user manual in Dutch, English, and German, and one digital Combo Pen P110 Pro are all included in the Aqua Master P110 Combo Pen pH EC Temp kit. This meter is a trustworthy and practical instrument for all your pH, EC, and temperature measurement needs with automatic temperature correction and an auto power-off option after eight minutes. For reliable readings, it also includes a calibration indication.

This meter is small and portable, with measurements of 220 x 40 x 40 mm and an IP67 waterproof rating. At only 102 grams, it is light and convenient to use for extended periods of time. The Aqua Master P110 Combo Pen pH EC Temp is a necessary tool for measuring pH, EC, and temperature easily and precisely, whether you're a professional or a hobbyist.

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