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by Atami
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The final 4–6 weeks of a plant's flowering and ripening cycle are crucial, and that's why we developed Atami Bloombastic Bloom Booster flowering nutrient. Growers that wish to boost the quality and sugar content of their plants should use this mixture, which is composed of mineral and organic plant additions of vegetable origin.

Bloombastic's capacity to boost plant phosphorus and potassium levels stands out among the product's other notable qualities. As compared to other liquid blooming solutions, this one includes over 50% more of these nutrients, making it an obvious choice for serious cultivators. Bloombastic's bio stimulants speed up the enzyme process, leading to full, fragrant blooms.

Because it lacks common ballast ingredients like salt and chlorine, Bloombastic is a safer and more dependable choice for farmers. The product's enzymatic action also helps plants recuperate from stress, making them more resilient to factors like intense sunlight and fluctuating temperatures.

Bloombastic is a sea kelp and clay mineral based organic product that acts as a booster, accelerator, hardener, quality improver, and essential oil boosting product. It may be used with hydroponic, coco, or traditional soil systems, as well as with water.

Using Bloombastic is simple and quick. When the buds first start to form in the last weeks of flowering and ripening, that's when you want to start utilizing it. Add 0.5 ml to 1 liter of nutrition solution or 1 ml to 1 liter of reservoir water and combine. Typically, benefits will be seen after 2–4 days of application, and you may raise the dosage up to 1ml per liter in the latter weeks of bloom for an even more spectacular impact.

• Sweet-smelling flowers & juicy fruit

• Easy to use stimulant

• Highly concentrated booster additive for flowering plants


0.5-1.0ml to 1 litre of nutrient solution. 

Bloombastic increases the E.C. value in your basic nutrient solution.

Ingredients & Specifications:

Cultivation style: soil, coco, hydro

Type of plant nutrition: stimulators

Brand Name: Atami

Suitable for:  indoor & outdoor growers.

P-Value14 / K-Value15



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Philip Erasmus
It's working very well

Buds are getting dence and very frosty great stuff

Nkosinathi Maseko

Atami Bloombastic Flowering Nutrient

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