Atami High Porosity Cocos Substrate

R 325.00

Atami High Porosity Cocos Substrate

R 325.00

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Product description

Atami High Porosity Cocos Substrate is a painstakingly made growth media created to support the early development of stronger, healthier plants. Atami Cocos Substrate is made from painstakingly cleaned coco fibers and is ready to use right out of the bag. It also includes a basic plant fertilizer to aid in the growth of your plants.

The airy structure of Atami Cocos Substrate, which offers ideal circumstances for root growth, is one of its key advantages. Because of its special makeup, the growth medium can properly store and transmit nutrients, giving your plants a steady supply of food. The structure of Atami Cocos Substrate also makes it quick to absorb and transmit water, guaranteeing that your plants never get thirsty.

Atami Cocos Substrate provides a perfect humidity level that keeps your plants healthy and happy despite its superb drainage capabilities. You may relax knowing that you're purchasing a high-quality item created in the Netherlands under careful supervision.

You may anticipate a top-notch growth medium with Atami High Porosity Cocos Substrate that provides amazing air circulation, water absorption, and nutrient storage capabilities. For the greatest potential start for your plants, use Atami Cocos Substrate.

Specifications / Ingredients:

  • Coconut fibres, mineral lime, calcium nitrate and NPK fertilizer 11-27-8
  • pH 6.2
  • EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV) & lt; 1.5 mS / cm
  • Organic matter> 45%
  • Moisture content <80%
  • Air volume 30%
  • 50L of substrate

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