Atami Hydro Rokz

R 315.00

Atami Hydro Rokz

R 315.00
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Product description

Atami Hydro Rokz is a pure, salt-free baked clay containing a very low concentration of elements that make them an ideal substrate for hydroculture. The pH value determines the quality of clay pebbles.

Hydro Rokz can be used in various growing methods, sometimes even placed at the bottom of flower pots when using soil for drainage. They can also get mixed in the substrate for an airier growing medium.

The Hydro Rokz can also have plants grown directly in the medium in combination with an air pump. This way, the roots at the bottom will continuously be in the water with fertilizer mixed in and the air pump providing enough oxygen to keep the roots healthy and the plant growing.

Growing Hydroponically is very successful because the clay pebbles and the flowing of a nutrient-rich solution is a perfect duo when it comes to the supply of oxygen to plants. Flowing water contains more oxygen than still water, allowing plants to get oxygen from the top and the bottom.

  • Easy to use
  • Airy Structure
  • Healthy, strong roots





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