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Atami Hydro Rokz

by Atami
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Hydroponic systems of all kinds can benefit from using Atami Hydro Rokz, as it is a premium hydroponic substrate. Its substrate's high porosity and ability to retain moisture are the result of painstaking selection and processing of natural clay materials. Growers who desire total control over their plants' nutrient intake will like Atami Hydro Rokz's pH neutrality and absence of additional nutrients and fertilizers.

Atami Hydro Rokz's porous structure promotes good oxygenation and drainage, making it a great medium for plant growth. Hydroponic systems like drip irrigation, ebb and flow, and deep water culture can all benefit from using this substrate. It's simple in design, can be used repeatedly with minimal effort, and weighs almost nothing.

Because it is derived from organic ingredients and can be used repeatedly, Atami Hydro Rokz is a more sustainable and ecologically friendly option than conventional growth medium. Moreover, this substrate contains no potentially toxic chemicals or additions, guaranteeing that your plants will have access to nothing but the purest and finest quality growth media.

Atami Hydro Rokz is a high-quality hydroponic substrate that excels in oxygenation, drainage, and moisture retention. Because of its pH neutrality and lack of nutrients, it is the go-to option for farmers who want total say over their plants' nutrient intake, and its eco-friendliness and long shelf life make it the responsible choice for those concerned with environmental impact.

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