Atami Wilma Growing System

by Atami
R 3,475.00

Atami Wilma Growing System is a purpose-built nursing tray with 4 x pots that rest comfortably on top of a reservoir with an automated watering system. 
 The system includes a water pump and drippers for feeding and watering your plants. This hydroponic grow system is light in weight and easy to move. Very steady in the nursing area allowing for plants to maintain a sturdy structure even when they have grown to a large size.

An analogue or digital timer is not included and might be needed to set your preferred watering/feeding schedule. 

Wilma hydroponic kits are specifically designed for home growers, as the system is ideally suited to fit into a 1.0m/1.2m or 1.5m grow tent.  

Atami Wilma 11 litre Grow System Specifications

Reservoir Dimensions: Top is 75cm by 75cm, Height 20cm 

11 Liter Pot Dimensions: Top is 25cm by 25cm, Height 26cm

Total Height(Tray with pots on top): 41cm

Water/Feeding Solution Capacity: 80-100L

Atami Wilma 18 litre Grow System

Reservoir Dimensions: Top is 75cm by 75cm, Height 20cm

18 Liter Pot Dimensions: Top is 30cm by 30cm, Height 31cm

Total Height( Tray with pots on top): 46cm

Water/Feeding Solution Capacity: 80-100L