Basic Hydroponic Starter Bundle

by GrowGuru
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R 1,250.00

We have bundled together some basic items you will need to run a successful hydroponic system.

  • Basic pH Meter
  • Basic TDS Meter
  • EHG Grow 1L
  • EHG Micro 1L
  • EHG Bloom 1L
  • pH Up 500ml
  • pH Down 500ml
  • Calibration Solution pH 4
  • Our Basic pH Meter is great for the home grower wanting to get an accurate pH reading from your nutrient solution. It comes with it’s own screw driver, calibration solution sachets and instruction manual.
  • Our Basic TDS/PPM Digital Water Meter enables you to test the quality and Total Dissolved Solids of your water. It provides 1000 hours of continuous usage which ensures you feed your plants with the perfect strength nutrient solution every time.
  • EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) 3-part series (Grow, Micro and Bloom) provides the perfect nutrient combination for every stage of your plants development. Use the grow chart provided as a guide and use your pH and TDS Meters to create the perfect nutrient solution for your plants.
  • Nutrients are only fully available to your plants in certain pH ranges, generally speaking 5.5-6.5. Use our range of pH Up & pH Down solutions to make the necessary adjustments to the pH of your nutrient solution, and ensure optimal nutrient uptake.
  • Did you know that you are meant to regularly calibrate your pH meter in order to maintain it’s accuracy? Calibration Solution pH 4 is made under strict industry standards in order to give you a solution that is highly accurate and of good quality that will last up to 1 year once opened.