Basic Hydroponic Starter Bundle

R 995.00 R 1,495.00 -34% OFF

Basic Hydroponic Starter Bundle

R 995.00 R 1,495.00 -34% OFF

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Product description

Essential Hydroponic Starting Kit, a must-have for any home gardener who wants to give their plants the best possible start. This set has everything you need to properly monitor the nutrient solution for your plants through accurate measurement, fine-tuning, and regular maintenance.

  • Basic pH Meter
  • Basic TDS/PPM/EC Digital Water Meter
  • EHG Grow 1L
  • EHG Micro 1L
  • EHG Bloom 1L
  • pH Up 500ml
  • pH Down 500ml
  • pH Calibration Solution - 6.86


As a first step, our Basic pH Meter provides reliable results thanks to its 2 point calibration. Finding the pH of your nutrition solution is simple with the help of the accompanying guide.

In addition, you may determine the water's quality and strength with the help of the Basic TDS/PPM/EC Digital Water Meter. Because it may be used continuously for 1000 hours, you can be confident that your plants will always get the ideal concentration of nutrients.

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) Grow, Micro, and Bloom Nutrients are included in the package as well. Your plants will receive an optimal dose of all the nutrients they need at any point in their growth cycle thanks to this blend. The pH and TDS meters, together with the supplied grow chart, will allow you to mix up the ideal nutritional solution for your plants.

We've included pH Up and pH Down solutions so you may adjust the pH of your nutrition solution to keep it between the ideal range of 5.5 and 6.5. You may quickly fine-tune your nutritional solution with these tools, guaranteeing maximum absorption.

In order to keep your pH meter functioning properly, we've included some pH Calibration Solution 6.86. This product, which was manufactured in accordance with all applicable requirements, gives excellent calibration for up to a year after opening.

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