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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Bcuzz Coco 10L A & B Nutrient Set

by Atami
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Bcuzz Coco A & B Nutrient Set: Unleash the Power of Coco for Thriving Plants Discover the secret to vibrant and healthy plant growth with Bcuzz Coco A&B Nutrient Set. Designed to provide concentrated and specific mineral nutrition, this universal basic nutrient duo is precisely formulated to fuel your (young) plants and cultivate their strength and vitality. Bcuzz Coco A&B Nutrient Set is your trusted companion throughout the entire growth cycle. Coco substrates inherently contain potassium, which is gradually released from the coco peat over time. However, coco peat lacks calcium, making it crucial for the nutrition to include an ample supply. Coco A, with its calcium content of 4% W/W rounded up, offers an abundant source of calcium to supplement our high-quality coco-based substrates. Coco B, on the other hand, focuses on delivering essential phosphorus and vital micro-nutrients for optimal plant nourishment. ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR a diverse range of plants including vegetables, fruits, and herbs like tomatoes, sage, and basil. This nutrient set is also well-suited for indoor and potted plants such as Alocasia and Lavender. With the ability to measure the dosage precisely, Bcuzz Coco A&B ensures that every individual plant or crop receives tailored nutrition, maximizing their growth potential. APPLICATION is made effortless with the separate A and B bottles. This strategic separation prevents chemical reactions between certain nutrients in high concentrations. Simply mix the A and B concentrates with water to achieve the perfect nutrient solution for your plants, setting them up for exceptional performance and vitality. DOSAGE recommendations for Bcuzz Coco A&B Nutrient Set are straightforward. For optimal results, mix 1 – 3 ml of A and 1 – 3 ml of B per liter of water. This ensures a balanced nutrient supply that promotes vigorous growth, healthy foliage, and robust yields. With an NK 5-5 W/W composition, Bcuzz Coco A&B Nutrient Set is available in three convenient sizes: 1 liter, 5 liters, and 10 liters. This allows you to choose the ideal quantity that matches your gardening needs, providing a generous supply to nurture your plants over an extended period. Unlock the true potential of coco substrates and elevate your plant cultivation to new heights with Bcuzz Coco 1L A & B Nutrient Set. Witness impressive results that surpass your expectations and establish your garden as a haven of thriving, healthy plants. Take your gardening journey to the next level today.

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