Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes

by Biodyne
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Biodyne ENVIRONOC 401 microbes is a biostimulant consisting of a purposely assembled consortium of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. This diverse team of over 25 different strains of beneficial, free living microbes is present in extremely high counts (trillions per gallon) with the capabilities to promote successful crop production. These microbes are not genetically modified, non pathogenic, and 100% naturally occurring.

This specialized “Team” of viable microbes manufacture enzymes (catalysts) that improve natural nitrogen stabilization and atmospheric nitrogen fixation, and are able to release (solubilize) phosphate which is within the soil but in an unavailable form. Multiple microbes in the blend produce root growth stimulants and form various amino acids / proteins designed to feed and communicate messages to plants and plant roots. ENVIRONOC 401 promotes germination, emergence, a healthy more tolerant & productive plant!


  • Soil preperation for seed gemination and transplanting to incorporate beneficial microbes.
  • Home/commercial garden ammendement for general plant health.
  • Home/commercial lawn application for general health and reduced fertilizer needs.
  • Increases early growth, enables plants to flower faster with more abundant flowers.
  • Reduction of agricultural chemical accumulation.
  • Potential to reduce soil herbicides and pesticides that tend to accumulate over time with regular use.


  • Dip seedlings into a 1:20 diluted product before planting.