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Black Soldier Fly Frass

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Soil can benefit from the bioactive cell food provided by Enormus Bud Frass, making it a great gardening additive for the benefit of microorganisms. This frass is loaded with macro and micronutrients, as well as beneficial microbes and fungi, that will provide complete nutrition for your plants.

Enormus Bud Frass has many uses, one of which is bolstering your plants' resistance to pests. Frass' high chitin content fosters the growth of soil microbes rich in the enzymes needed to break down root nematodes, which can cause serious damage to your plants if left unchecked.

The process of using Enormus Bud Frass is simple. Blend 200 ml of frass with 750 ml of water and apply once a month. You can drench your plants to the roots in soil or the growing medium with a mixture of frass and water that has been soaked for several hours if they are already growing. Add 2ml of Enormus Bud Bioactive Cell Food to the water before adding the frass for optimal results.

There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in Enormus Bud Frass; only organic frass is used in its production. The benefits to your garden are similar to those of vermicast, which is made from earthworm castings.

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