Blumat 8mm connectors

by Blumat
R 25.00

Blumat connectors are convenient for building a customized automated watering system. These connectors connect to the 8mm feeding tube.

Blumat 8mm T-Piece is used at the end of the feed tube to split the feeding tube into two separate lines.

Blumat 8mm elbow works well for a 90-degree bends and corners.

Blumat 8mm to 3mm reducer elbow gets used at the end of each Blumat Tropf sensors in the line to the 8mm feeding tube.

Blumat fittings sold individually.

The Blumat Tropf system works with gravity and the capillary interaction of the soil and the Blumat sensors. When the soil or substrate is dry, it creates suction inside the water-filled tubes opening the diaphragm at the top allowing the water to drip from the feeding tube. Once the soil or substrate is moist around the clay clone, it will cease and close the diaphragm.

This allows for each pot to be water individually and automatically as the plant needs water.

A Tropf system can have up to 500 watering points.

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