Blumat Dripper Support Sticks

by Blumat
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Blumat Dripper Support Sticks are suitable for Blumats 8mm Feeding Tube and distribution drippers. The support sticks are for laying the dripper feeding tube secure and straight in the soil. Distribution drippers should always be positioned on supports to prevent the ingrowth of roots and to make it easier to control the water discharge. These dripper support sticks will also help with increasing the allocated watered area around a single Blumat Tropf "Carrot"- extending your watering capacity without the need for more Tropf Sensors.

We recommend adding 5x drippers per carrot, and you can space these up to 1m from the "carrot" sensor, and these will water an area of around 20cm in diameter. Distribution drippers work best when using the dripper supports.



10x Supports