Blumat Easy XL 2pc Universal Adaptor/Sensor

by Blumat
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Blumat Easy-XL 2pc Universal Watering Adaptor/Sensor is the most straightforward automated watering solution in the full range.

Completely hassle-free, plug, and play automatic watering system for the odd weekends away or shorter holidays. The Blumat Easy Universal Watering Adaptor/Sensor will continuously supply your plants with even watering when needed while you are away.

Easy to use, fits most plastics bottles, e.g., standard empty soda bottles do the job 100%

Fill the bottle with water.

Attach the Blumat Universal Adaptor/sensor to the bottle by inserting it in the neck of the bottle.

Pierce a small hole at the bottom of the bottle for a breather.

Place the bottle upside down with the adaptor/sensor inserted into the potting soil.


Water gets delivered at 0.3 liters of water per day using one Blumat XL Universal Watering Adaptors/Sensor.