Blumat Tropf Distribution Dripper - 10pcs

R 409.00

Blumat Tropf Distribution Dripper - 10pcs

R 409.00
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Product description

Blumat distribution drippers are suitable for Blumat 8mm feeding tube and distribution drippers. The supports can get used to lay the feeding tube secure and straight in the soil.

Blumat distribution drippers should always be position on supports to avoid ingrowth of roots, clogging up or laying around on the soil, and, most importantly, for the control of the discharge.

Blumat Tropf Distribution dripper increases the watered area around a single Blumat Tropf "Carrot." Extending the watering capacity without the need of adding extra "carrots"

Blumat Tropf "Carrots" can have up to 5 drippers added to each one. Drippers can get placed up to 1m from the "carrot" covering a surface area of about 20cm in diameter. Drippers work best when installed with the use of the Blumat Dripper Supports.

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