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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Bone Meal

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Bone Meal is a highly effective organic fertilizer that is a great source of phosphorus, essential for ensuring that plants' flowers grow bigger and more plentiful. With a typical NPK ratio of 3-15-0, it can increase the amount of phosphorus in your grow medium, giving your flowering plants the boost they need to thrive.

Before adding Bone Meal to your grow medium, it's important to have your soil tested to ensure that its pH level is below 7. If the pH is higher, the efficacy of Bone Meal may be significantly reduced. Once you have corrected your pH, you can safely add Bone Meal at a rate of about 4.5kg per 9 square meters of area. The fertilizer will continue to release phosphorus into the soil for up to 4 months after application, providing long-lasting benefits for your plants.

Bone Meal can also be used to balance out high nitrogen levels in your soil. Organic amendments such as manure often provide a great source of nitrogen but can be lacking in phosphorus, making Bone Meal an ideal addition to achieve a perfect balance.

Available in convenient 2kg and 5kg bags, Bone Meal is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for an organic, effective, and easy-to-use fertilizer to promote healthy and abundant blooms in their flowering plants.

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