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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Cal - Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement

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Cal-Mag is a unique blend of calcium and magnesium, compensates for any deficiencies that may be present in your water, allowing your plants to grow strong and healthy. It is the ultimate solution for hydroponic plant growth. This specially designed supplement is the perfect way to ensure that your plants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Calcium and magnesium are two of the most crucial minerals for plant growth when using hydroponics, which requires a delicate balance of nutrients for proper plant growth. However, these vital nutrients might not be present when using pure, distilled, or reverse osmosis water. Cal-Mag can help in that situation. You can ensure that your plants have the nutrients they need to thrive by giving them the proper amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Cal-Mag is the ideal supplement for any hydroponic garden thanks to its premium calcium and magnesium blend. This 1kg pack is especially made to give your plants the ideal ratio of nutrients, enhancing their ability to absorb other essential nutrients and boosting their disease resistance.

Calcium plays an essential role in the structure of a plant's cell walls, making it an essential part of any healthy plant. Additionally, it activates a number of enzyme systems that control plant growth, assisting in the transformation of nitrate-nitrogen into forms necessary for protein synthesis. This not only promotes the growth of your plants but also improves their general health and disease resistance.

Another essential nutrient for plant growth is magnesium. It aids in the activation of particular enzyme systems, which are intricate molecules involved in the synthesis, modification, or breakdown of compounds as part of a plant's regular metabolism. You can contribute to your plants' overall health and growth by making sure they have enough magnesium.

Cal-Mag is a supplement that is necessary for every hydroponic garden. By providing your plants with the right balance of calcium and magnesium, you can ensure that they have the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. 

Available size: 1kg

Recommended Cal Mag dosage: 150 PPM / 0.3 E.C per 10L

Nutrient content in our Cal-Mag supplement:

  • N 134.8 g/kg
  • NH4-N 9.1 g/kg
  • NO3-N 125.7 g/kg
  • Urea-N 0.0 g/kg
  • P 0.0 g/kg
  • K 0.0 g/kg
  • S 0.0 g/kg
  • Ca 115.3 g/kg
  • Mg 36.4 g/kg
  • Fe 248 mg/kg
  • Mn 131 mg/kg
  • Zn 83 mg/kg
  • Cu 15.5 mg/kg
  • B 80 mg/kg
  • Mo 13 mg/kg

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