Coup HPSx Transition

by Method Seven
R 2,375.00

Sunglasses by day, grow glasses by night. The Method Seven HPSx Transition lens is a proprietary polycarbonate blend that allows it to transition from the signature blue of our HPS color-balancing technology to a dark grey/blue tint when exposed to direct sunlight.

Transition is activated by direct sunlight and darkens fully within three minutes. Transition experience varies based on conditions and UV exposure. Experience a balanced color and protect your eyes for hours of comfort and enjoyment, wherever the day takes you. Italian-made Coup frame with concealed flex hinges. HPSx lens made in the USA. Microfiber pouch included for proper cleaning and storage.


Method Seven has a 50% breakage warranty replacement policy, so if you do end up breaking them, you can return the broken pair. You will then receive a discount of 50% of your original purchase, and you can then pay the balance and buy another pair.