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DriKelp - Kelp Flakes

by Rawkelp
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DriKelp Kelp flakes is 100% organic dried Ecklonia maxima, harvested in South Africa this is nature's own natural microbial stimulant, which builds up humus in the soil—providing macro and micronutrients. DriKelp is a slow-release plant food that has excellent water retention ability. NPK rich and the full range of amino acids. Natural growth hormones, auxins, and cytokinins are present and easily taken up by plants. It helps with increasing nutrient uptake of the plant, stronger root, and leaf growth.

Apply to pots, flowers, crops, and lawn, repeat every 2-3 weeks. DriKelp can be mixed into soil or sprinkled on top, water generously once applied. 

Soil Volume       Qty DriKelp required

1L Pot                 2.5ml

10L Pot               20ml

1m2                    40ml (25g)

35m2                  1L (500g)

180m2                5L (2.5kg)



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