DynaRoot Rooting Gel Hormone

by DynaRoot
R 115.00

DynaRoot Rooting Gel is a growth-regulating hormone used to stimulate the fast and prolific rooting of plant cuttings. This is a high-performance, water-based rooting gel that will remain in contact with the stem of cuttings by actually sealing the cut tissue and then supplying the correct hormones to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate root tissue.

This can be used on all semi-hardwood plant cuttings, including woody, herbaceous, and flowing ornamental species, vegetables, fruit trees, and nut trees.

The active ingredient is Indole-3Ibutyric Acid (IBA) & Napthyl Acetic Acid (NAA)

Initial trials with DynaRoot Rooting Gel showed fantastic results with cannabis propagation. 

How to use:

  • Decant a small amount of DynaRoot into a separate container to avoid contaminating the DynaRoot container.
  • When preparing to take cuttings make sure to have a sharp clean and sterile instrument that can make a clean cut when doing your 45° cut before dipping into the DynaRoot Gel.
  • Once the cut has been taking at 45° place it into the DynaRoot Rooting gel immediately to sell the cut air and to avoid an air bubble traveling up your stem which could kill your cutting.
  • Place the cutting into a jiffy peat pellet or a Rockwool cube for best results.
  • You can then cover your cutting with a humidity dome of the sort to maintain a higher humidity until the cuttings have rooted.
  • Introducing a heating mate under your humidity dome will also work great to maintain the room temperature and allow for a faster healthier rooted cutting.
  • Place the cuttings and the dome in a warm low light area for best results.
  • Roots should be developed within a couple of days and this is a sign of success.