Electric Spray Bottle

R 353.00 R 495.00 -29% OFF

Electric Spray Bottle

R 353.00 R 495.00 -29% OFF
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Product description

The electric spray bottle is a battery-operated sprayer. Perfect hand-held sprayer for those IPM applications in your grow room, grow facility, or garden. With the spray bottle being able to spray up to 6m it will get into all those hard-to-reach places making sure your IPM has been taken care of. These are also generally used for a fine mist of cuttings and clones or as a foliar feed.

  • 1,5L Tank Capacity
  • Sprays up to 6m 
  • Adjustable nozzle from a fine mist to a water jet.
  • Durable and perfect for in the grow room, domestic use, or for disinfecting an area.

The electric spray bottle requires AA Batteries which are not included.

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