Electro Magnetic Air Pump Yuting

by Yuting
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Electro Magnetic Air Pumps deliver high volumes of air to your hydroponic system or reservoir. You can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

  • Convenient to operate and no oil lubricant needed.
  • Robust and durable cylinder and piston result in high pressure and energy saving.
  • Air dividers included.
  • They are widely used in fish farms, seafood restaurants, and aquariums for oxygenation purposes.

Note: All Electro Magnetic Air Pumps must be used above the water level at all times.



Power: 35W

Voltage: 220v

Frequency: 50hz

Pressure: 0.03MPa

Output: 40L/min

Weight: 1.4kg



Power: 55w

Voltage: 220v

Frequency: 50hz

Pressure: 0.035MPa

Output: 60L/min

Weight: 2.3kg