FloraFlex Flora Tube

R 305.00

FloraFlex Flora Tube

R 305.00
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Product description

The FloraFlex® Flora Tubing is a flexible premium vinyl, food-grade tubing. At 1/4” OD, our Flora Tubing fits perfectly with ALL FloraFlex® tools. Color coordinate and automate your hydroponic grow kit! Automate your watering system by attaching FloraFlex FloraClips to your FloraCap and use the FloraFlex FloraTubing to connect your plants to your FloraFlex Quik Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. Now you can let your PotPro Hydroponics system take care of your plant. 




  • 100 feet in length.

  • 1/4” OD.

  • 3/16” ID.

  • Flexible premium vinyl.

  • FloraFlex® Green.

  • FloraFlex® Logo printed on the tubing.


FloraFlex South Africa

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