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Floraflex Universal Round FloraCap 7.5″- 12″

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FloraFlex® Universal 7.5"-12" Round FloraCap® - a must-have tool for top feeding that also helps eliminate algae growth in your plants. The Round FloraCap® is meticulously designed to offer an even distribution of water and increased airflow, giving your plants the optimal growing environment they need to thrive.

Whether you prefer manual watering or automating your watering system, the Round FloraCap® is wonderfully adaptable and simple to use. To create an automatic watering system, you can attach FloraFlex FloraClips to your FloraCap and utilize FloraFlex FloraTubing to link your plants to your FloraFlex Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler.

As a result of the FloraCaps' precise engineering, your root zone will receive absolutely equal irrigation because they completely cover your growing medium and prevent algae formation. As a result, your root mass can dry out more steadily, providing your plant with the adequate supply of oxygen it needs to thrive.

Any plant needs healthy, robust roots to thrive, and the FloraFlex® Universal 7.5"-12" Round FloraCap® aids in this process. The medium will be completely filled by the root mass of your plants, providing optimal nutrition absorption and robust, healthy flowers. The FloraFlex® Universal 7.5"-12" Round FloraCap® will put an end to inconsistent watering and algae growth.



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