Gemini Hydroponic System

R 1,445.00 R 1,659.00 -13% OFF

Gemini Hydroponic System

R 1,445.00 R 1,659.00 -13% OFF
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Product description

The Plant It Gemini Hydroponic System is a re-circulating one-pot hydroponic system. Plants are grown in a medium such as clay pebbles and fed from a base tank filled with a nutrient solution. This solution is pumped to the clay pebbles through a flow ring, where it filters back down into the tank. This draws in vital oxygen as the nutrient/water works its way to the plant's roots and helps to ensure great growing results. This system can be used in two ways. The one option is to insert a floor that makes for a 10L pot or you can remove the floor insert and use it as a larger pot which will then be an 18L pot and extra media will be required for this option.

What's in the box:

  • Profile level indicator so that you will always have an indication of your water level ensuring your plants won't run dry.
  • Clay Pebbles; Your growing medium and support structure for your root system. (10L of medium included)
  • Laser-cut flow ring to ensure uniform watering with the included submersible water pump.

Dimensions approx: H: 365mm x W: 360mm x D: 345mm  

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