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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Gold Label HydroCoco 80/20 Substrate

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Gold Label HydroCoco 80/20 Mix substrate is specifically designed for growing hydroponically. Dutch quality medium for hydroponics.

Gold Label Hydrocorn and Coco is an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency and better rooting. We utilize the 8-16mm Hydrocorn from Gold Label and the purest Gold Label Coco to give you the perfect ebb and flood growing substrate that also works well in any pot based systems. The 80/20 mix allows you to feed less frequently than in straight Hydrocorn but more frequently than 60/40. This gives you a buffer on the watering times but still allows you to feed regularly without overwatering.

Gold Label HydroCoco 80/20 is a mix of 805 RHP Gold Label Hydrocorn (clay pebbles) and 20% Coco fibres. The combination of these two horticultural substrates and the long coco fibres improves capillary action, provides a good base for fast root development and decrease the number of times you need to water compared to clay pebbles.

Volume: 40L 

Net weight: 18.5kg

Recommended Nutrients: Coco Regime

Imported straight to our Port Elizabeth harbor and available in South Africa with nationwide delivery to your door.

Directions for use to get the best results with HydroCoco 80/20

Gold Label HydroCoco by itself is an almost inert substrate. You need to add nutrients when you first water the substrate (use your nutrient supplier,s recommendations)

Unlike Coco you need to flush the substrate first time you use it in order to saturate the clay pebbles initially. Keep plugs or cubes wet after initial planting in order to prevent them from drying out.

The recommended pH range is 5.2-6.5, however, this depends on the nutrients used.

During the vegetative stage start with a lower pH (5.2-5.6)to balance the ph in your substrate, in the generative stage move to a slightly higher ph (5.9-6.3)

We recommend using Gold Label Hydro nutrients on 80/20. These professional hydroponic nutrients' quality ingredients facilitate the plant's nutritional uptake process. 

As 80/20 is a much more airy substrate than the Coco you need to water more often, depending on container size and plant uptake. 2 to 3 feeds per day are generally enough for 80/20. Small size pots and bigger plants dry out the substrate quicker, so adjust the water frequency accordingly.

We recommend using 80/20 with watering systems with a drain. Flush your substrate regularly to prevent salts from building up. You can use enzymes to flush or add them to the nutrient solution throughout the grow cycle.

In a recirculating or waste to drain system use 30% drain.

If you recirculate your nutrients make sure that the ph and EC levels stay within range. Work very clean tp prevent the spread of pathogens throughout the crop.

Clean your tank and replace your nutrient solution at least once a week.



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