Grow Guru Fabric Pots

by GrowGuru
R 35.00

Our classic Fabric Pots are made from high-quality durable fabric, available at ridiculously good prices and come in a range of practical sizes.

  • 1 Gallon/3.8L – 17 x 21cm
  • 3 Gallon/11L – 25 x 27cm
  • 5 Gallon/19L – 31 x 27cm
  • 7 Gallon/26L – 31 x 32cm
  • 10 Gallon/38L – 41 x 33cm
  • 15 Gallon/57L – 51 x 33cm
  • 20 Gallon/76L – 54 x 33cm

Sometimes referred to as freedom pots, smart pots or air pots in South Africa


  • Plants grow faster in smart pots or air pots (especially in the vegetative stage) because plants roots get plenty of access to oxygen.
  • They are much healthier for your plants than hard-sided pots and allow the roots to breathe.
  • Prevents root strangulation and root rot.
  • They help to save water as it is virtually impossible to over water.
  • Can be washed and reused grow after grow.
  • Their round, flat bottom means your plants stand firmly upright.
  • You can expect increased uptake of nutrients due to oxygen always being present at the root zone.

Available from your favourite Hydroponics store, Grow Guru.