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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Guard'n'Aid Insect Catcher

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Catch and identify your pests with this pack of five double-sided glue sheets used to monitor the presence of all flying insects. Use sticky fly traps as part of your routine integrated pest management (IPM) procedure to alert you to a problem before it becomes an infestation.

A must for all indoor growing. 

5 Double-sided insect catchers with hanging hooks. These sticky Insect Catchers are your first line of defense in identifying if you have a flying pest problem in your greenhouse or conservatory. Flying insects are attracted to the Aureola-yellow light wavelength of the sticky insect catcher and once in contact with the sticky surface, they cannot get away. 

Simply peel back the cover paper, attach the hanging hooks and hang in your growing area or around the tops of your plants. 

We recommend hanging more than one in a growing area to alert you as early as possible to a potential pest problem. In a 2.4 X 1.8m greenhouse we would recommend the use of 2-3 insect catchers.

If your plants are already established, shake the leaf canopy; this will make any pests take flight alerting you to a problem. Insect catchers should last several months in a dust-free, low humidity environment.

If more than half the surface is covered in insects, replace the insect catcher. In the summer in a hot greenhouse with lots of pests, for optimum performance, we recommend changing the insect Catchers every month.

Insect Catchers can also be positioned close to the base of your plants to warn you of pests that stay low to the ground such as Scarid Fly. A cane can be passed through the perforations at either end of the trap. If using natural predators, hang your insects well above the plants to catch adult insects.

These insect Catchers are made with biodegradable material and may be disposed of in the recyclable household waste. 

Due to the strong glue we recommend keeping out of reach of children and pets.

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