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Product description

Hydrocache water retaining gel is a moisture-retaining carbo enriching gel that works into the soil to hold on to moisture, so plants can absorb it as and when it needs it.

Carbon load your garden, water-saving.

Available size: 100g

Why is carbon key:

  • It retains microbes, elements, and nutrients for sustained slow release to the root zone.
  • It promotes the structure, biological and physical health of soil/mediums.
  • Its a buffer against harmful substances

Directions for use:

Groundcovers/ Planting beds 5-100g/m2

Work hydrocache granules into the soil to a depth of approximately 10-15cm depending on the expected root depth. Water thoroughly. Increase rate of sandier soils. Large areas may be power rotovated.

Grasses and Turf 12-100g/m2

Small areas can be applied and treat by hand. Ensure even spreading for large areas, apply Hydrocache with a drop seeder and power rotovator. Water well immediately after.


  • 3.5-litre pots 8-16g/plant.
  • 8-litre pots 20-30g/plant.
  • 20-litre pots 50-60g/plant.
  • 40-litre pots 100-120g/plant.

Mix granules with backfill below and around roots and water thoroughly.


  • Evergreen 8-16g/25-litre volume of soil.
  • Deciduous 20-30g 25-litre volume of soil.

Active ingredients:

Potassium Polyacrylate, Activated Carbon.


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