Neoprene Collars

R 50.00 R 150.00 -67% OFF

Neoprene Collars

R 50.00 R 150.00 -67% OFF

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Product description

Neoprene collars support cuttings propagating in netted pots without any artificial medium. These are designed to hold and protect new cuttings in the clone mister, aeroponic, and hydro systems. Neoprene collars get manufactured from a durable soft material that is resistant to aging and weathering.


Neoprene collars fit perfectly into the top of our 5cm netted pots and keep your cuttings upright and stable in the mister and aeroponics cloner. A slit from the center to the outside edge allows for easy inserting and removing the cuttings. 5cm net pots suspended below the top tray of your cloner with a fine mist of water and nutrient solution sprayed onto the bottom of your cutting. The misting stimulates the roots of the cutting to grow out to access water and nutrients. The cuttings have superb access to oxygen and should be ready for transplanting within 7-10 days. These will be easily removable and ready for transplanting into the primary hydroponics system.


Neoprene collars: sold in packs of 10




45mm Neoprene collar

Diameter: 45mm

Width 5mm

Centre hole: 5m

Fits 50m netted pot


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