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R 139.00

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Product description

NUTRIFEED is a specially formulated, concentrated and balanced fertilizer, which, when used regularly, will promote healthy root, plant and flower development for a wide range of vegetables and ornamentals grown in hydroponics, as well as soil or other media.

Available size: 500g


  • Nitrogen [N] - 6.5%
  • Phosphorous [P] - 2.7%
  • Potassium [K] - 13.0%
  • Calcium [Ca] - 7.0%
  • Magnesium [Mg] - 2.2%
  • Sulphur [S] - 7.5%
  • Plus: Iron, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Copper and Molybdenum.

Uses and benefits:

NUTRIFEED contains all the essential macro- and micro-elements for healthy plant growth and is adapted to widely varying soil conditions.

  • It is versatile and easy to apply in all hydroponic techniques;
  • It is water soluble and is readily absorbed by the plant;
  • It will boost seedling growth; and
  • It will reduce seedling mortality.


NUTRIFEED may be applied as a foliar feed, to the soil as a drench, or as a dry feed.

  • Dissolve in water at a rate of 1:500 - 1kg/500l or approximately 10g per 5 litres.
  • Stir well.
  • Preferably leave overnight. Ignore slight sediment.
  • Use half strength for recently germinated seedlings.
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