OTTO - Mill & Fill

R 2,495.00

OTTO - Mill & Fill

R 2,495.00

Products will be delivered between 2 & 5 in South Africa.

Product description

Mill & Fill the perfect cone at the touch of a button with the Banana bros OTTO. All in one Automatic smart rolling machine provides


You spend good money on your herb. It’s time to get the most out of it – with OTTO. Using its on-board microcomputer, OTTO gently mills your herb, and makes the perfect cone at the touch of a button. OTTO’s precision-engineered milling blades automatically adjust pressure, speed and direction based on the texture and consistency of your herb. The result? A perfect cone in seconds. No mess. No waste. No waiting.

Get the most out of your herb… with OTTO.


Making a cone takes time, it can be messy, and it doesn’t always come out exactly right. OTTO is designed with artificial intelligence to expertly mill instead of grind. It's made with Aerospace Engineered Aluminum Milling Plates.


OTTO’s intelligent technology senses density, moisture level, texture, and consistency of your herb. Using that data, OTTO adjusts pressure, speed and direction and mills to perfection, delivering far better results than grinding and hand-rolling.


OTTO ensures that the maximum amount of surface area is exposed when milling your herb. This creates a cleaner burn and delivers maximum potency. The result? A perfect cone every time.


  • 20 banana bros Premium Cones
  • Measuring Cup
  • O-Tube
  • 4 in1 Tool
  • O_Funnel
  • USB Rapid Charging
  • Fresh Seal Tube
  • Snap Cap
  • Single Adapter

Mill, Fill & Chill.

Now available in South Africa


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