Portable Trim Bag - Trimmer

R 1,680.00

Portable Trim Bag - Trimmer

R 1,680.00

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Product description

The portable trimmer is an innovative way to remove excess leaf matter from dried products by simply shaking them off in a few rotations, giving you more time to tend to your indoor garden and saving you a lot of finger aches and scissor blisters from traditional trimming methods, especially when trimming large quantities of products.

Key benefits:

Trim your finished product in minutes, not hours; no moving or perishable blade
The design is simple and lightweight, and it can be packed away.
Money well spent.

The product's scientific foundation

The trimmer can only function with a product that has been well dried and has a solid density. Because the trimmer relies on friction to break away the leaf matter, any product that is even slightly moist and fluffy will not benefit from the trimming process.

The trimmer works by zipping up the main, bigger compartment and inserting your dried material inside. The friction created by rapidly rotating the trimmer clockwise and counterclockwise causes the trimming to occur. While the buds remain in the larger container, the leaf matter filters down via a sieve-like filter.

1 x Trimmer for Portable Use

1 x Instruction Manual

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