Premium Bubble Hash Extraction Bags

R 1,650.00 R 2,000.00 -18% OFF

Premium Bubble Hash Extraction Bags

R 1,650.00 R 2,000.00 -18% OFF

Products will be delivered between 2 & 5 in South Africa.

Product description

Harvest the resin / crystals from your plants with this Premium Bubble Hash Bag Extraction kit from Bubble Magic Bubble bags – It's a 5 gallon - 8 bag kit with various micron screens and manufactured with quality materials, which means you will be able to use these a good couple of times if well maintained. 

Micron screens/bags included in the Premium Bubble Hash Extraction Bags kit:

  • 25 μm
  • 45 μm
  • 73 μm
  • 90 μm
  • 120 μm
  • 160 μm
  • 190 μm
  • 220 μm

Each bubble bag including the carry bag features a flashy easy to use yellow drawstring.

The eight bag set is versatile and produces a high grade product, it allows you to separate your hash extract into 7 different grades.

How to use and get set up:

When you are setting up the bucket for the cold water & ice hash extraction, start by placing the smallest micron size (25 micron) into the bucket first and work your way up to the 220 micron bag. We assume you will have a second bucket and the work bag nice set out separately and planned. 

Our bubble bags are well labelled which makes it easy to differentiate between the various micron bag sizes.

Remember to clean your bubble bags strait after using them. A little soap in hot water will work well. Hang them out to dry. Once completely dry, fold and store until next time. Rubbing alcohol or ethanol can be used to clean bags and your tools if needed.

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