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Premium Buffered Coco Peat 5kg

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Buffered coco peat is a versatile and environmentally-friendly growing medium that is perfect for a wide range of gardening, agricultural, and hydroponic applications. Made from the fibrous husk of the coconut, this sustainable and renewable resource is a great alternative to traditional soil or peat-based products.

The capacity of buffered coco peat (commonly referred to as coco coir) to retain moisture is one of its main advantages, making it the perfect growing medium for plants that need constant hydration. Each brick of buffered coco peat expands to a volume of 60–70 liters when wet, giving your plants a substantial amount of growing medium.

Furthermore pH-neutral, buffered coco peat won't hinder your plants' ability to absorb nutrients. It is a secure and healthy option for your garden because it is free of dangerous pathogens and pests.

Buffered coco peat has a wide range of applications. It can be combined with other soil amendments to create a unique mixture, or it can be used as a stand-alone growing medium for potted plants. Moreover, it can be applied as a top dressing for lawns and gardens, which helps to improve soil structure and moisture retention.

Simply add water to the brick and let it expand to use buffered coco peat. The coco peat can be utilized right away as a growth medium or soil improvement once it has been completely soaked. Take care to fertilize your plants frequently when using it as a stand-alone growing medium to make sure they have access to all the nutrients they require to flourish.

Additionally a great option for hydroponic planting, buffered coco peat. It is the perfect growing medium for hydroponic systems, particularly those that use drip irrigation or passive methods because of its high water retention and great drainage qualities.

Fill your container or growing tray with the hydrated coco peat and then plant your seedlings or cuttings to use buffered coco peat in a hydroponic system. You can also combine it with other growing mediums, such perlite or vermiculite, to make a special mixture that is appropriate for your plants.

The fact that buffered coco peat is pH-neutral and won't change the nutrient solution's pH is one advantage of utilizing it in hydroponic systems. With more exact control over nutrient intake, your plants may develop more quickly and produce more.

Buffered coco peat can be utilized in a range of soilless growing techniques in addition to hydroponic systems. It is the perfect option for these systems because they need a growing medium with a high oxygen content and good water retention.

In conclusion, buffered coco peat is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a long-lasting and productive growing medium. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a home gardener, this adaptable and sustainable product may help you grow gorgeous, healthy plants quickly and sustainably.

Simply add water and the block will expand to 60-70L of hydrated, ready-to-use Coco Peat.



Customer Reviews

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Hendrik van Aarde
Coco Peat

Excellent quality, as always.

Edette De Wet
Premium Buffered Coco Peat


Ryan B.

Excellent quality and service.

Coenraad G.

Excellent client service and great product quality, with speedy delivery. An absolute pleasure.

Linda A.
Excellent grow medium

I've had nothing but success with this grow medium. I get 100% germination and fast growing healthy plants.

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