Pulse 1 Environmental Monitor

by Pulse
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R 3,595.00

Smart WiFi connected grow room monitor for temp, humidity, light, VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) with alerts and journaling features.

Pulse gives you the ability to visualise your grow’s historical data & gives you valuable insights into what environmental conditions your plants are experiencing overtime and will instantly warn when hazardous conditions arise that could damage your plants. Pulse 1 can help you prevent stress, time, and money lost due to total crop failure.

Through consistent monitoring, you can avoid some of the most undesirable scenarios within your grow room, such as:

Mould & Wilting, Fire, Damage from equipment failure, releasing co2 from the unnecessary ins and outs, unwanted pollination, Smelling up your neighbourhood, water damage to your building, losing all your hard work to a TOTAL loss, at several possible stages of your grow cycle where errors can occur before harvest.


Hardware & Software Overview

- 3.1 inches wide and long, 1.25 inches high

- 7.8 ounces

- One micro USB B port for power

- An adjacent hole for reset

- 3x AA battery pack for wireless use

- Accessible via 2.4 GHZ wifi network

- Viewable from any phone or pc that

can access the internet

- Logs data 24/7