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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Soil pH Test Kit

by Manutec

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For the healthy growth of plants, the pH of your potting mix or garden soil must be correct; otherwise, the soil is not suitable for nutrient uptake in the plants that you want to grow. 

Use this simple, accurate and economical Soil pH Test Kit to instantly home gardeners, and horticultural professionals widely use test pH of soils and potting mixes. With this kit, you can rapidly determine soil pH and take corrective action.

Optimal pH is prerequisite for active uptake of nutrients into plants, highly acidic or alkaline soil conditions locks up nutrients in soils and unavailable for plants to uptake and wasting in fertilisers applied without any response. 

Check ph readings of your soil pH regularly for the healthy plant growth using this Soil Test Kit.

  • Instantly test the pH level of soils, potting mixes, composts & organic materials. Accurate, economic and straightforward Soil pH MeterVery handy for gardeners, horticulturists, and farmers. Some soil is acidic, and your plants may enjoy this type of soil, however other plants prefer alkaline conditions, and you may want to make adjustments.

How to measure the pH of Soil:

  1. Place a small soil sample (about half a teaspoon or teaspoons of soil) on the testing plate provided and a few drops of indicator liquid just enough to stir into a thick paste. Dust the white barium powder from the puffer bottle on to the moist paste. The white powder dusted on the paste changes colour within a minute. Compare the colour developed on the paste with the colour chart provided to the nearest colour & read the pH value. Wash both the plate & mixing rod thoroughly after each test to avoid cross-contamination.

The is the best type of soil ph meters available for sale

100 Tests similar to test strips

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