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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Soil Test kit - Soil pH & NPK Testing

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This is a regeant soil and water Test kit: soil PH, water pH, NPK, pH for hydroponics, alkaline diet & aquariums.

This test kit is the perfect tool to help you take care of your plants and crops. It will rapidly check the quality of your soil, water, and other growing conditions in order to help you ensure that all of your plants receive the nutrients they need.

This easy-to-use soil test kit is accurate and affordable, measuring pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Ammonia Nitrogen levels in the soil. Test your soil and other environmental conditions with ease.

The Early Detection Soil and Water Test Kit allow you to detect nutrient levels in the soil or water for an effective gardening experience.

You can prevent overfeeding by accurately assessing the primary nutrient content of your soil & ensuring the nutrient contents are available to the plant in the correct pH range for accessibility. This will result in prolific growth in the vegetative stage and massive fruiting in the flowering stage.


Why Test Soil?

Nitrogen is synonymous with plant nutrition.
It is directly responsible for producing leaf
growth and green leaves. A deficiency causes
yellow leaves and stunted growth. Too much nitrogen
causes overabundant foliage with delayed flowering;
the plant becomes subject to disease and its fruit
is of poor quality.

Growing plants need phosphorus. It is the
2 major constituents of plant genetics and seed
development. A deficiency causes stunted
growth and seed sterility. Phosphorus aids plant
maturity increases the seed yield, increases fruit
development, increases vitamin content, and aids
the plant's resistance to disease and winterkill.

Potash strengthens the plant. It helps form
K carbohydrates and promotes protein synthesis.

It will improve the colour and flavor of the fruit.
It further aids early growth, stem strength, and cold
hardiness. Plants deficient in potash are usually stunted
and have poorly developed root systems. Leaves are
spotted, curled, and appear dried out at the edges.
Yields for potash deficiency are low.

Plants also need the correct pH
(acidity/alkalinity) the level which controls
how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil. All plants have a
PH preference, so it is important to know the pH level of
your soil. You can then choose plants with the same pH
preferences, avoid those that will not do well in your soil
or know how to go about supplying their special growing
needs. By testing your soil, you determine its exact
condition so that you can fertilize and/or adjust the pH
more accurately, effectively, and economically.

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