Solenco Ultra Dry 30L Dehumidifier Air Purifier

R 7,299.00

Solenco Ultra Dry 30L Dehumidifier Air Purifier

R 7,299.00

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Product description

Solenco Ultra Dry 30L low energy dehumidifier/air purifier will take control of your humidity in your grow, home, or even office. Removes excess water from your grow environment, helping combat damp, mold, mildew, bud rot, pathogens, and excess condensation. Powerful yet energy-efficient makes it cost-effective to run. The Solenco provides 6 stage purification that includes HEPA. loniser and UV technology to remove 99% of airborne contamination such as pollen, mold, and bacterias.


Technical Overview:

Compressor type

Power Consumption 360w

Air Flow 200m/hour

5L Water tank

Operating temperatures 5...35C

LCD display, humidity, and temperature




Room Conditions Maximum Water Extraction Wattage
5°C and 60%rh 3.4 Litres Per Day 237 Watts
10°C and 60%rh 5.5 Litres Per Day 217 Watts
15°C and 60%rh 7.8 Litres Per Day 267 Watts
20°C and 60%rh 9.6 Litres Per Day 280 Watts
25°C and 60%rh 12.6 Litres Per Day 308 Watts
30°C and 60%rh 15.2 Litres Per Day 340 Watts
5°C and 80%rh 8.4 Litres Per Day 240 Watts
10°C and 80%rh 15.1 Litres Per Day 220 Watts
15°C and 80%rh 18.9 Litres Per Day 270 Watts
20°C and 80%rh 23.8 Litres Per Day 290 Watts
25°C and 80%rh 27.8 Litres Per Day 330 Watts
30°C and 80%rh 30.06 Litres Per Day 360 Watts




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