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Sunmaster 400W Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp

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Sunmaster 400W Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp / bulb is designed for growers that dont want to switch between metal halide for the vegetative cycle and high-pressure sodium for the flowering cycle. Sunmaster has created a dual spectrum bulb to do the full growing process for growers making it a plug-and-play bulb.

The high-pressure sodium 400w has an enhanced blue spectrum. This blue light means that the bulb can be used for vegetative growth, and you can flower with it as it has the red and orange range needed for flowering.

Product description:

Sunmaster High-Pressure Sodium Dual Spec. 400w

  • Increase in chlorophyll production
  • Prevents unnatural stem elongation
  • Produces thicker main stems
  • Promotes earlier flowering and number of flowers
  • It helps to increase the number of branches and internodes.
  • Delivers an increase in fruit weight producing higher yields.

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Mariette B.
Great product!

Great product!

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