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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Terra Aquatica - Dual Part Coco Starter Kit

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T.A. DualPart® Coco is the only 2-part coco nutrient on the market that doesn't require any extra Cal/Mag and PK boosters, as well as two separate bottles of "grow" and "bloom" nutrients, to be effective from seed to bloom. With DualPart® Coco, you only need two bottles.

While DualPart® Coco is particularly high in calcium and magnesium, it also provides all of the other nutrients a plant requires for robust growth, abundant blooming, and fruit production. That includes the trace microelements that allow your plant to produce its full range of scent and flavor in the final product.

Like the rest of our nutrients, DualPart® Coco Grow and Bloom may be used together throughout a plant's development, with just a variation in the ratio between the two needed at each stage. 


  1. Always clean your measurement tools, give the bottle a good shake before using, and use a separate container for each component when adding it to water.
  2. If you want to get the most out of your DualPart® Coco, combine it with some ultra-purified T.A. Coco Fiber, some Coco Fiber, and some Perlite coco coir.
  3. T.A. DualPart® Coco is extremely concentrated and only has to be diluted to a maximum of 4.5 ml/L with water.  Make sure to give the bottle a good shake before each use, measure out each ingredient into its own bowl of water, and combine everything properly before using the measurement tools.
  4. Use DualPart® Coco with pristine T.A. Coco Fiber, Coco Fiber, and Perlite Coco Coir for optimal results.
  5. Concentrated to a maximum of 4.5 ml/L in water, T.A. DualPart® Coco is extremely economical. Listed below is the standard T.A. DualPart® Coco feeding schedule.


  • Any plant, but especially useful with Coco coir.
  • The use of a high-quality Fulvic acid, such as T.A. Fulvic, provides the second-greatest benefit to any grow after nutrients.
  • T.A. In addition to the helpful microorganisms that TrikoLogic® introduces to your rootzone, TrikoLogic® S provides an extra layer of defense and enhanced performance, particularly in hot conditions.
  • If you're looking to fine-tune and improve your grow, try some of the Terra Aquatica collection, which has high-quality organic ingredients.
  • FlashClean®: Mother plants may be given a new lease on life with the help of FlashClean®, and it's not simply useful for lock-out issues and harvest's end.
  • During the final 10 days of flowering, apply FinalPart® to maximize your blooms' potential.


Final Part® is an all-in-one nutrition and stimulant for late flowering that does not require any extra boosters. It encourages blooming and the development of active principles, while simultaneously reducing the amount of surplus nutrients.

FinalPart® operates in three different ways:

  1. The plant is given a clear indication that its life cycle is drawing to a close, which causes the plant to speed up the maturation process in response to the impending doom.
  2. It compels the plant to beef up its defenses, which in turn results in an increase in the production of essential oil and active principle.
  3. It supplies all of the necessary mineral salts to the plants in a form that is simple for them to absorb. If there was a buildup of nitrate or microelements in the soil previously, this will assist the plants metabolize the residues, which will result in an improvement in the flavor.

FinalPart® can be used as a "forcing solution" in any situation in which ripening needs to be controlled or enhanced, as well as at the end of each flowering/fruiting cycle of annual flowers and fruits, in order to maximize yield and flavor intensity. This is because FinalPart® is designed to control and enhance ripening.

When used in the great outdoors, FinalPart® gives you the ability to swiftly harvest a crop before the chilly and wet weather ruins it. When used indoors, it has the effect of hastening the maturation of even the most sluggish of plants or types, which makes it possible to better synchronize the conclusion of the grow cycle. And if you have a serious infestation of fungus or insects, it can enable you to speed up the natural cycle and salvage some of a crop that you would have otherwise lost entirely. This is because it allows you to recover something from the crop that would have been destroyed.

  1. HOW TO USE :
    Replace your old nutrient solution with pH-adjusted water, add up to 5 ml/L of FinalPart® to match or slightly surpass your prior EC (up to 2.6), and mix everything together thoroughly. After 10 days, or as long as is required, let the system run, and then use FlashClean® to complete or directly harvest your crop.
  2. Apply in pH-adjusted water at up to 4 milliliters per liter of soil at a rate that matches or slightly exceeds your previous EC (up to 2.0). Continue to apply until the leaf begins to turn yellow and/or ripening has reached the desired level. This might take anywhere from ten to twenty days. After that, you may complete or harvest your crop by immediately using FlashClean®.
  3. Growers who are experts in soft fruit culture can utilize FinalPart® to adjust water stress in order to maximize active principle concentration and minimize splitting in the crop. The ideal EC in hydro is 2.6 ms, while the ideal EC in soil is 2.0 ms.


  • After taking any T.A. or other vitamin, you should only ever use FinalPart® by itself!
    The capabilities of FinalPart® are unlocked through the use of FlashClean®. FinalPart® is able to begin its work of mobilizing nitrates and enhancing the flavor of your final product more efficiently if the residues of nitrogen and other salts in your substrate are first rinsed away.
  • When you are finished, instead of flushing the system with water for ten days after using FinalPart®, consider using FlashClean® for just two days; producers all over the world have found this to be more effective, since saving eight days every harvest is a significant benefit in commercial production.

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