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Terra Aquatica - Pro Organic Nutrient Starter Kit

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Both amateur gardeners and experienced farmers will find that using Pro Organic to provide their plants with organic nutrition is not only easy but also very productive. The formulae sold by Pro Organic are developed with the express purpose of catering to the requirements of all plants at every stage of development, including growing, blooming, and fruiting.

Feeding the beneficial bacteria that already coexist with your plant is one of the many ways that Pro Organic works to actively improve the root environment. This supplies the necessary nutrients and environment for healthy vegetative development, blooming, and fruiting to develop.

The all-purpose nature of Pro Organic makes it an excellent choice for any kind of plant, and it also performs very well when used on its own. When we say "complete," we mean it: you do not need any more elements for a successful and plentiful grow, in most water*. This means that our product is a "complete" solution.

In addition to being fully soluble, Pro Organic is also highly suited for use with drip irrigation, automated irrigation, or even manual watering in traditional gardening. Additionally, it is the only nutrient that has been validated for use in bioponics (bare root recirculating organic hydroponics).


  1. Before each usage, give the bottles a good shake, add each component to the water in its own bowl, then combine everything completely and always wash your measurement tools.
  2. Please be aware that in order for plants to be able to use Pro Organic (and any other organic feed), it must first be broken down by bacteria. In order for a colony to grow large enough to accomplish this, particularly in the first stages of a plant's life, it is necessary to equip the tank with a biofiltering system that operates nonstop in both drain-to-waste and recirculating systems.
  3. You may make your own biofiltering system by dangling a plastic basket (3 to 5 L) packed with sixty percent clay pebbles and forty percent coco fiber over your tank and continually pouring water through it. Alternatively, you can purchase biofiltering systems from a local shop. If you are utilizing our GrowStream® technology, you may accomplish this task underneath the return pipe.
  4. Because high oxygen levels are essential for the rapid development of beneficial bacteria, it is imperative that filter systems not be submerged in the tank.


Bloom Booster is a potent flowering booster that causes large amounts of fruit to be produced as well as explosive blossoming. It does this by employing bio-stimulants and organic transport enhancers rather than synthetic PGRs in order to improve metabolic activity and mineral absorption. During the critical times of blooming and fruiting, this results in the production of many, densely packed floral clusters. The end result is beautiful blooming and fruits that have a more intense flavor.

Bloom Booster is made from natural ingredients and encourages plants to blossom to the most of their inherited potential.

During the blossoming stage of plant development, applicable to all plants.


Only during the blooming and fruiting stages of the plant. Mix with water or a nutrition solution, or dilute more to use as a foliar spray:

  1. Solution: 3–5 milliliters per liter
  2. Foliar spray: 3 ml/L

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