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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Terra Aquatica - Tri Part - Micro Hard Water

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R 390.00
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in stock, ready to be shipped

TriPart® Micro, which may be used with either hard or soft water, is the cornerstone of the "building-block" system. It delivers micro- and sub-micronutrients as well as some macro- and micronutrients that complement one another. Follow the directions for using TriPart® Micro during the whole growth and bloom process.

How to use:

  1. Please shake thoroughly before each use: T.A. TriPart® nutrients are highly concentrated; for further information.
  2. Combine the individual components in water, stir, and clean the measurement tools after each addition.
  3. TriPart® comes in both hard water and soft water variants, so you can get the best possible results wherever you live.
  4. (For calcium levels over 70 mg/L, use the TriPart® Micro hard water formulation; for calcium levels below that, or if employing reverse osmosis, use the TriPart® Micro soft water formulation).

Use with TriPart®:

  • Use it in hydroponics, soil, or even outdoor gardening; it'll work with everything you grow.
  • Utilizing a high-quality Fulvic acid, such as T.A. Fulvic, provides the second-greatest boost to any grow after nutrients.
  • The use of FlashClean® is not limited to lockout situations or harvesting.MWhen used in a well-managed grow, FlashClean® improves substrate health and mineral availability.
  • Organic Seaweed should be used right before flowering for maximum effect.
  • FinalPart® should be used alone for the last 10 days to maximize blossom output.
  • T.A. TrikoLogic® introduces helpful microorganisms to your rootzone, while TrikoLogic® S provides superior defense and enhanced performance, even under extreme heat.

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