Our COB LED Grow Lights replace HID 1 to 1

COB LED Grow Lights are the most powerful LED grow lights on earth.

These revolutionary grow lights provide greater light intensity and efficiency than other plant grow lighting systems. With the revolutionary S-Mars Spectrum you will grow superior strains and maximize your yields indoors.

K4 COB LED Grow Light




What is S-Mars Spectrum?

S-Mars Spectrum is a unique LED grow light spectrum developed specifically for plants. Yes, we know that you’ve probably never heard of it, and that’s because it's the very latest in COB LED technology, and so we are pleased to bring you this first.

S-Mars Spectrum allows for a greater spectrum range compared to single color LED’s offered by the current market.

Graphs Comparing the Wavelengths Plants Respond to vs. the Wavelengths the Human Eye Responds To

The S-Mars expanded range falls between 350 and 850nm in series with 600~670nm and 460nm in peaks, using only one chip to accomplish the task.

The spectrum offered by the current markets LED’s are only targeted in the 460nm and 660nm peaks, as compared to the S-Mars Spectrum.

Through an extremely powerful, single S-Mars COB LED chip you can enjoy true full spectrum output. One S-Mars LED could accomplish tasks which take other manufacturers 11 or 15 individual colored chips or more to reproduce. This increased spectral range allows for performance that actually exceeds the growth rate of the sun itself in an indoor environment.

In the current market, LED spectrum technology has improved dramatically but is yet to completely replace HID grow lights.

K4 COB LED Grow Light

After extensive testing, it was proven that the S-Mars Spectrum had the same amount of light energy as the sun. When PAR levels were tested and compared, it was confirmed that this technology would replace the light energy needed by plants from the sun.

What you should know

90 Degree Lense Diagram for K4 COB LED

1. The newly-developed and discovered S-Mars COB largely combines the advantages of HID lamps and the sun's spectrum. It produces twice as much luminous efficiency compared with current blue and red grow light. Through special 90 degree glass lenses the output has been greatly optimized.

Prism Principle Diagram for K4 COB LED Grow Light

2. The specialized Prism Lens is designed according to the prism principle. It can refract the most suitable wavelengths and filter out spectrum's that are useless to the plant. This greatly improves the already superior spectrum which will result in accelerated plant growth.

Refractive Index Diagram for K4 COB LED Grow Light

3. These lenses will not fade and have added photocatalyst’s to the surface of each lens. This will help resolve dirt issues on the lens, which will maintain a high refractive index time after time.

30% Cooler Diagram for K4 COB LED Grow Light

4. Highly Efficient COB LED Design –  The glass lens and heat sink are designed as a three-in-one module, insuring the working temperature is kept low. The heat-dissipation rate is 30% higher and can be used in many grow environments.

K4 COB LED Grow Light

If you are going to invest in next generation LED Grow Lights, the K4 COB LED would be your best buy. It will out-perform leading brands and add huge value to your grow through incredible power savings and unbelievable yields.

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