720W COB LED Grow Light

Our COB LED Grow Lights replace HID 1 to 1

Our COB LED Grow Lights are the most powerful COB LED grow light platforms on Earth and replace  HID 1 to 1. These revolutionary grow lights provide greater light intensity and efficiency (umols per watt) than any other current plant lighting systems available. S-Mars COB LED Grow Lights replace traditional HID Grow Lights 1 – 1, […]
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Plants Growing Hydroponically in Commercial Flood and Drain/Ebb and Flow Trays

9 Reasons to Grow Hydro

Why grow hydroponically? While soil is forgiving for first-time growers and allows the use of a wide variety of fertilizers and supplements, including organics, the levels of dissolved oxygen at the roots of a plant grown in soil are relatively low compared to a well-planned hydroponics system. In soil, plants have to compete with other […]
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Graphs Comparing the Wavelengths Plants Respond to vs. the Wavelengths the Human Eye Responds To

Plant Lighting: Demystifying Lumens, Lux and PAR

Are you using lighting in your grow setup? If you are, you need to change the way you look at measuring light for the use of your plants. Most growers are familiar with “lumens”. The definition of the lumen is the total light produced within the range of the human visual response. It tells us nothing […]
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6 Different Types of Hydroponic Systems

Types of Hydroponic Systems: Intro to Soilless Growing

Hydroponics is a way of growing produce, herbs and ornamental plants without using soil as your growing medium. It originates from Greek etymology, “hydroponics” comes from the words “Hydro” (water) and “Ponos” (labor). The term was coined in 1937 by William Frederick Gericke. William was a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley who […]
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Whats New at Grow Guru ?

South Africa’s Favourite Hydroponic Online Shop just got better! Over the past weeks we have been exceptionally busy here at Grow Guru both online and at our physical retail store. We are continuously improving our site online and offline to be driving our customer and user interface forward to the next level These are some of the […]
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Amino Mix – Unlock your plants full potential

A dark brown water soluble plant hydrolysate. This high carbon content brown/black liquid contains natural chelates which gives it an exceptionally high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and is also anexcellent bio-stimulant. It stimulates root formation which in turn increases nutrient uptake and plant growth. We believe that our Amino Mix is literally one of the […]
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Powdery Mildew? Downy Mildew? Early blight? – Biogrow Copper Soap

NEUDORFF’S COPPER SOAP ACTIVE INGREDIENT : COPPER OCTANOATE 10 % This product is a patented, fixed copper fungicide, made by combining a soluble copper fertilizer with a naturally occurring fatty acid. The copper and the fatty acid combine to form a copper salt of the fatty acid, known technically as soap. The copper soap fungicide […]
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Using PAR watts to calculate your lighting requirements

When you are working in a grow environment and need to calculate how many lights you will require there may be a little bit of confusion around the subject. With these simple calculations you will be able to determine the light intensity as well as how many lights you will require in the given grow […]
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Cut-Copy | Advanced Rooting Gel Formulation

Cloning gel is used widely to promote and accelerate root formation of plant clippings and to reduce transplant shock of nonfood ornamental nursery stock. Our rooting accelerator is also used on fruit and vegetable crops, field crops and ornamental plants to promote growth development of flowers and fruit and to increase crop yields. Cut-Copy contains […]
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