Perfect Soil Mix for Plants

Perfect Outdoor Soil Mix

Spring / Summer is here, and for those of you kicking into plantation gear, you might be interested in trying out “The Perfect Outdoor Soil Mix”.  The Recipe for success,  a super rich blend of the finest additives, thanks to a very special guest contributor. So what does it entail? The Bag: To keep things […]
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Plants Growing Hydroponically in a Nutrient Film Technique System

How to Grow Hydroponics

More and more number of people are getting curious to know how to grow a Hydroponic garden. Hydroponics or hydroponic farming is a method used for cultivating plants and vegetables using mineral nutritious solutions in water instead of agricultural land. The word hydroponics comes from the Greek, hydro = water and ponos = work. Roots […]
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What is the best air pump for hydroponics?

If you’re new to hydroponics, you may have tons of questions and be unsure of what your plants will require in a number of areas. When Considering purchasing a new air pump check to see what volume of air it pumps per hour,  that will give you a better indication of its performance. Before you […]
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Why you should use Reverse Osmosis Water for Hydroponics

You may wonder why you should use reverse osmosis water for growing plants using a hydroponic method? The sad fact that most water is polluted with chloramines, heavy metals, harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Some water comes with onboard magnesium and/or calcium, and this might be useful for your hydroponics plants. But most water just […]
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Hydroponic Lettuce Leaves

How to grow Fresh Hydroponic Lettuce

Lettuce is becoming one of the favorites for hydroponic newbies and is one of the most common plants grown amongst hydroponic growers. The reason for this being  is that it can be grown in temperate as well as tropical climates.  It is very healthy both the stems and leaves can be eaten. Often Served with a fresh salad. Lettuce […]
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Where to buy Hydroponic Equipment in South Africa?

Since the recent recession a few years back, more and more people around the world are taking a keen interest in indoor hydroponic growing either as an income or just simply to eat the freshest of fresh vegetables from their very own indoor hydroponic garden. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, […]
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What is a Grow Shop?

What is a Grow Shop? You may have heard the term growshop and wonder what exactly it is and where you can find one, especially in South Africa as its a relatively new term to us in a sense. […]
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About hydroponic vegetable production South Africa

Details Commodity category: Vegetables Commodity type: Hydroponic vegetable production Image: Contact person: Erika van den Heever Contact e-Mail: evdheever@arc.agric.za What is hydroponics, advantages, disadvantages, differences between hydroponic vegetable production and production in soil, know the basics, What do I need to start a hydroponic production unit? Know the basics, different hydroponic systems, which […]
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What is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics? Growing plants without soil has intrigued and challenged gardeners, hobbyists and commercial growers for many years. The terms – hydroponics, water culture, sand culture, gravel culture, solution culture, mist culture, soilless culture and more are often used describe a particular system of applying plant nutrients to the roots of the plant, and […]
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